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RHDV Information


We would like Rabbit owners to be made aware of the dangers of rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHDV2), a deadly and contagious disease that has begun spreading throughout the United States.


What is RHDV?


This virus is highly contagious and spreads rapidly among both wild and domestic rabbit populations, and can survive outside a host for several months and be carried on surfaces such as shoes, tires, insects, bedding, food, and more. With an over 90% mortality rate, symptoms can appear very suddenly and there are no medications or treatments to prevent them.

RHDV infects wild and domestic species of rabbits and is highly contagious. It does not infect people or other animals. The virus travels through the blood stream of an infected rabbit and rapidly damages the cells of the liver. The liver makes proteins used in forming blood clots, and the classic form of RHDV causes uncontrollable bleeding in rabbits.


How do I vaccinate my pet?


 Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital RHDV-2 Vaccine Clinic is a two-part clinic:

 CLINIC 1 : March 2, 2024 beginning 9:00 am : Initial vaccine and microchipping

CLINIC 2: March 23, 2024 beginning 9:00 am: Booster shot

Cost: $200.00 package includes both vaccines and microchipping, a full payment due at Clinic 1


How do I register to the RHDV-2 Vaccine Clinic?


There is limited space for the clinic. To register please email olvhbusinessoffice@gmail.com. Please include your full name, pet’s name, preferred time, and contact number.  You can also register by calling   860-434-8387 and please ask for Laura.  Your pet will be vaccinated by Dr. Alice and you will receive a time slot.


Commonly Asked Questions:


What side effects should I expect? Rabbits may develop a small swelling at the site of the injection, develop a slight temporary fever, or be lethargic for a day or two.


How long does it take for the vaccine to be effective? The vaccine should be fully protective 14 days after the second vaccine booster, which would be 35 days after the first dose.


How young can I administer the vaccine?  This vaccine has demonstrated safety when given at 7 weeks of age.


Please contact us with any questions!!